The team at Aramar have been working with Cognos products for many years and have a wealth of experience in implementing, developing and supporting Cognos products. If you need help with any of legacy software listed below then please do get in touch.

IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning 

IBM Cognos Enterprise Planning was a market leading product for budgeting, reporting and forecasting for many years but is now eclipsed by TM1.

Cognos Enterprise Planning is still very much in use by thousands of organisations, but we believe future enhancement of the product is unlikely, and the availability of the relevant expertise is diminishing.

At Aramar, we are fortunate to have many years’ experience of implementing, developing and supporting Cognos EP. If you need help with support, training or development of your existing Cognos EP implementations, please get in touch.

If you would like to find out more about what the latest IBM Cognos products have to offer your Planning cycle, then we would love to hear from you. There is no upgrade or standard migration from Cognos EP, but we are very experienced at helping our customers move to the new technology, with the minimum of fuss and cost, and a vastly improved experience at the end.

IBM Cognos EP Customer looking to upgrade to IBM Planning Analytics?

Cognos Enterprise Planning (aka Cognos EP, previously known as Cognos Planning) is an integral part of many organisation’s budgeting and forecasting processes. Customers love the workflow screen that  helps the finance department to manage collection of planning submissions visually monitor progress of the plan.

Check out our 6 reasons why our customers are upgrading today!

Six Reasons Why




Why modernise to Planning Analytics?

Our customers who have moved from Cognos EP to a IBM Planning Analytics for their planning are enjoying the following benefits:

    • Instant aggregation of data. No more waiting for synchronise and GTP!
    • Very stable platform. No more job server crashes!
    • Integrated dashboards, reporting and analytics
    • Ability to cope easily with vast quantities of data and detail, thanks to the TM1 in-memory calculation engine
    • Greater scalability allows users to budget and report at a more detailed level and over far longer time periods
    • Much faster timescales for preparing, approving and publishing budgets and forecasts
    • Easy scenario modelling via the sandbox functionality
    • Activity-based workflow


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IBM Cognos Finance 

IBM sold Cognos Finance to Unicom Systems Inc in August 2014. Many companies are still using Cognos Finance for management and statutory reporting, but are finding consultancy expertise extremely rare.

Aramar is one of the few consultancies in Europe that can provide Cognos Finance skills to support, train and develop existing applications.

If you are interested in progressing beyond Cognos Finance, the ideal solution is Fast Financials which runs on IBM Planning Analytics

Find out more about life beyond Cognos Finance, and ask us about Fast Financials!

Cognos Series 7

Cognos Series 7 was a trail-blazer product suite which introduced many organisations to Business Intelligence, and Series 8 provided richer functionality.

We find that most organisations have moved on to the latest versions of IBM Cognos to benefit from the improved functionality, power and integration. If you have decided to remain on these versions, we can help you get the best out of them, or advise and assist you in moving to the more modern platform.

Many of our consultants have experience with Cognos Series 7 and 8 which includes:

  • Powerplay
  • Impromptu
  • Reportnet
  • Metrics Manager


As an IBM Gold Business Partner we are proud to have achieved Platinum status for client satisfaction


Excellent work by the whole team at Aramar 

Your expertise lead to the successful outcome of the project.

Planning Analytics is working well for us and we have had no issues with it since we switched over. I personally find it much easier to use than the prior version.

Gavin Aikin
eNett International

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