With IBM Planning Analytics you can transform your planning & budgeting processes, free up finance team resources & get more from your data than ever before to forecast with greater accuracy.

IBM Planning Analytics (formerly known as Cognos TM1) can do much more than just planning. Many of our customers use it for financial and business performance reporting, calculation and presentation of KPIs, allocation and apportionment, and as a tool for data collection. It can perform an integral part of digital transformation projects, because any task currently performed by Excel can be achieved using Planning Analytics in a way that is faster, more secure, easily scalable, and with increased confidence in the results.

Why Planning Analytics?
The Business Benefits

IBM Planning Analytics enables organisations to harness the power of collaboration with managed workflow. It provides data aggregation and calculations, and allows users to review and analyse results and details from thousands of data points in real time. Plus, users can store key business logic and calculations in a secure application, where changes are made only by designated administrators and are immediately replicated to all participants, eliminating errors and conflicting data.

Planning without limits

  • Handles very complex rules, allocation methods and huge quantities of data
  • No cube size limitations
  • Works with complex data structures and multiple alternate hierarchies

Fully integrated FPM suite

  • Seamless integration with advanced reporting suite “Cognos Analytics”
  • Seamless integration with advanced financial consolidation suite “Cognos Controller”

Community and Support

  • Large user base with active community support pages
  • Frequent upgrade cycles to bring you the latest technology


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IBM Planning Analytics is available on IBM’s own cloud as Software-as-a-Service, or for local installation on your own hardware, own data centre, or third-party cloud.

Key features:

  • Lightning fast in-memory database
  • Instant calculation, aggregation and consolidation
  • Infinitely scalable with no built-in cube size limits
  • ‘What if’ scenario analysis
  • Version control
  • Collaborative planning
  • Driver-based planning
  • Workflow
  • Engaging visuals
  • AI-driven forecasting


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IBM Planning Analytics has two user interfaces:

  • Planning Analytics Workspace This is an intuitive web-based tool for users to enter data, and to consume information presented graphically or numerically. It is very easy to use and users will quickly learn to build their own reports, input forms and dashboards.
  • Planning Analytics for Excel This enables users to remain in the traditional Microsoft Excel interface they know and love but with the benefit of advanced tools like multidimensional analysis and drill-down integrated within the Excel experience.

Find What’s Right For You

Everyone’s reporting and planning requirements are different, and it could be confusing to know what you actually need.

To ensure you’re signing up and enquiring about the correct software for your requirements, one of our product specialist will arrange a product consultation, where we talk through what you’re looking to achieve and ensure you’re signing up to the correct suite and licence.

We ensure that what you’re signing up for is perfect for you and exactly what you’re looking for, before any services and licences are agreed upon.

Following this confirmation, we offer a full product demonstration so you know exactly what to expect with IBM Planning Analytics.


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