Bring your data to life with IBM’s all-inclusive data prep, reporting and dash boarding tool.

IBM Cognos Analytics is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that integrates reports, analytics, dashboards, and history so businesses of any size can better understand their data and make more effective, confident decisions through automated data visualisation.

 Cognos Analytics uses AI to uncover patterns in your data you didn’t know were there, and natural language generation to communicate those insights to you, so you can spend less time preparing your data and more time analysing and making decisions on what to do next.

IBM Cognos Analytics connects to a wide variety of data sources including direct connections and flat files and is available on IBM’s Cloud, hosted in your own Cloud, or on premise.

Why Cognos Analytics?
The Business Benefits

  • Automated data exploration
  • Insights straight to phone with the mobile app
  • Strong governance on self-service with robust security capabilities
  • Communication in plain language
  • Pixel perfect reports and a wide range of visualisations
  • Connection to Jupyter Notebooks
  • Predictive capabilities with built in AI


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Built for ease of use

The system will automatically recommend the best visualisations based on the data you selected.

Cognos Analytics makes teamwork simple

Share insights across your team and company

Find hidden truths in your data

Understand and share the full story behind your data.

Key Drivers

Use Explore to find connections you didn’t even know to look for.

Quick insights

Each visualisation in Explore comes with AI-generated insights presented in plain language

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Connect and combine your data

Connect to a wide variety of different data sources or upload spreadsheets.

Visualise your business performance, beautifully

Understand your data with compelling, informative and interactive visualisations.

Beautiful. Simple.

Cognos Analytics Dashboards give access to an extensive selection of visualisations, including embedded geospatial mapping and advanced analytics.

Communicate in plain language

The AI Assistant communicates in plain English. Ask questions about your data and receive recommended visualisations, insights and more in a format you can understand.

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Find What’s Right For You

Everyone’s reporting and planning requirements are different, and it could be confusing to know what you actually need.

To ensure you’re signing up and enquiring about the correct software for your requirements, one of our technical consultants will arrange a product consultation, where we talk through what you’re looking to achieve and ensure you’re signing up to the correct suite and licence.

We ensure that what you’re signing up for is perfect for you and exactly what you’re looking for, before any services and licences are agreed upon.

Following this confirmation, we offer a full product demonstration so you know exactly what to expect with IBM Cognos Analytics.


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