Wil-fred’s Most Excel-lent Adventure

Published 27th July 2016

Right from starting school, I have been fascinated by numbers and this took me on an educational route that involved studying maths and economics at various levels right up to degree level. So when I entered the world of work, this meant that I performed a variety of roles where the word ‘analyst’ was in the job title as I would get to apply my advanced numeracy in a business context.

Configuring Performance Modeller and TM1 Web with CAM Security for TM1 10.2.n

Published 27th August 2014

Andrew Copeland - Today I have been working integrating TM1Web 10.2.2, BI 10.2.1 and Performance Modeller for a client. The documentation supplied by IBM doesn’t cover all the aspects to this and the technotes and information on the Web is out of date and relates mostly to very old versions of TM1 (9.5.n). Therefore, I have put the following article together to give you fewer headaches configuring TM1Web, Performance Modeller and securing it against Cognos CAM Security. My example has been worked on latest versions but should apply to all 10.2.n family of TM1 products.