Lindy Robins, Planning Analytics Product Specialist at Aramar, picks out her top 5 features coming to Planning Analytics in 2023, with her thoughts about why they are going to be beneficial.

Improved Planning

This includes the ability to organise in folders, locking and unlocking of steps so no one can enter data once it’s been approved. This will make the planning process much more robust. It will give users the ability to set more detailed security and help organise the Planning Analytics Workspace environment. Currently plan and applications are created in the shared folder, so allowing these to be created in other folders will tidy things up.

Planning Analytics for Excel

Theis includes an update to the cube viewer and set editor to mirror Planning Analytics Workspace. Currently, this can be turned on as a preference but will be a standard feature going forwards. This gives a slicker look and feel mirroring what is currently available in PAW

Ability to schedule restarts of the server without having to raise a ticket

If users are finding that there are issues with memory or have a preferred restart schedule within their organisation, then they will now be able to schedule these standard restarts without any assistance.

PAfE Sandbox support in all modes

This is currently only available in Exploration and Quick reports. Having sandboxes available in all modes will add more flexibility.

Personalised Homepages

This will allow users to create a personalised view when connecting to IBM Planning Analytics. Users will be able to change their homepages to see only what is relevant. Currently, users can see only what is shared with them.


If you want to see the full roadmap, all software roadmaps are available in the IBM Data and AI Ideas Portal.