Financial Reporting

Control over the period end close. Confidence in the consolidated numbers

Do you rely on a complex web of spreadsheets to manage financial planning and reporting?  Are you using a separate system for financial consolidations? Do your analysts spend more time manipulating data than analysing it?

We have many years experience of delivering fast, robust, accurate Financial Consolidation solutions for our customers. Our solutions deal with massive, complex, multi-national organisations. For some customers, we have dramatically reduced their time from month end to reporting, we have solved complex and changing ownership problems, delivered robust multi-currency solutions and helped finance directors to get back control over the consolidation process. Group Finance staff are released from repetitive, non-productive processes.

Our Financial Consolidation solutions ensure:

  • Control over the period close process
  • Multiple currency ledgers
  • Clear audit trail through to base ledgers
  • Automated adjustments
  • Automated intercompany elimination
  • Automated investment elimination
  • Automated cashflow statements
  • Balance sheet movement analysis
  • Integration with Planning, Analytics and Disclosure


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As an IBM Gold Business Partner we are proud to have achieved Platinum status for client satisfaction


I have used Aramar as our IBM Business Partners for a number of years. They have always shown a good understanding of our business needs and what we want to achieve and developed the system and processes to meet those needs.

Jason Barnes

The most important decision we made on our project was working with Aramar. Their expertise was crucial to delivering on our objectives within such a tight timeframe. And as we continue to build our corporate finance function, it’s great to know that Aramar is always there at our side

Kevin Byrne

A snapshot of how we work

Our experienced team of professionals implement a host of Planning solutions, here is a clear case study of our budget, plan and forecast capabilities.

Client: Specialist Computer Centres (SCC), Europe’s largest independant IT group

Issue: Following the sale of their hardware distribution business, SCC moved to strengthen their focus on supplying, integrating and managing technology. The new strategy placed new pressures on their budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes.

SCC relied on a complex web of spreadsheets to manage financial planning and reporting, and used a separate system for our finanical consolidations.  Using such manual methods meant that analysts spent more time manipulating data than analysing it.

SCC needed a much more multi-dimensional approach to financial planning and forecasting that would help them to get the best value out of their new data center investments and acquisitions.

Solution: The existing financial consolidation tool was replaced with IBM Cognos Controller. We then moved on to introducing IBM Cognos TM1 for financial and management reporting. SCC have been working steadily to embed the new approach across their Europe-wide operations, and expand the complexity and scope of our budgeting, planning and forecasting models.

Outcome: Manual processes have become automated and the risk and complexity of relying on spreadsheets has been elimated.  The finance team can deliver insight to the business faster and more reliably than ever before. By providing rapid, accurate insight into company performance, the new financial and operational performance management solutions are helping to drive sharper decision-making.

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