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More relevant, more frequent, more flexible planning

Do you have to combine results from multiple countries into one workbook?  Are you always chasing people for their data?  Can you be sure everyone is working with the most up-to-date information?

Our Planning Analytics Specialists have extensive experience in delivering budgeting, planning and forecasting solutions on time and in budget. Our expert team have helped many household names link their market and operational drivers with their financial results. They now have a clearer view of the future and confidence that they are making, smarter, more informed decisions.

Using a flexible, collaborative and frequently updated plan – based on performance drivers – Operational Managers are empowered to commit to their plans. Actual operational performance can then be confidently measured with the ability to react quickly. Strategic management have a clearer view of the future and confidence that they are making, smarter, more informed decisions.

Our Planning solutions deliver

  • Consistency across the business
  • Flexible modelling – based on even the largest data sets
  • Trend and what-if analysis
  • Driver-based planning
  • Top-down or bottom-up planning
  • Clear version control
  • Clear workflow management
  • Enterprise-wide collaboration and commitment to the plan


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Success story – Melton Renewable Energy UK

Find out more about how we helped Melton Renewable Energy UK to lift its financial reporting to new heights of efficiency by replacing its spreadsheet-based approach with IBM® Planning Analytics. The new financial performance management solution enables them to accelerate financial planning and support its continuous development.

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A snapshot of how we work

Our experienced team of professionals implement a host of Planning solutions, here is a clear case study of our budget, plan and forecast capabilities.

Client: Melton Renewable Energy UK (MRE).  MRE is one of the leading independant generators of renewable energy in the United Kingdom with a portfolio of generating assets with a total net installed capacity of 165MW.

Issue: Melton Rewnewable Energy wanted a finance solution that would be more time efficient, flexible and reliable than their existing spreadsheet models.

Solution: We were able to implement IBM Planning Analytics as part of a financial performance management solution which provided driver-based planning for Profit and Loss with automated Balance Sheet and Cash Flow across monthly forecasts, budget and a long-term plan. Secondly, it provided month end management accounts and KPI reporting as well as self-service analysis.  This replaced existing spreadsheet models which were a time-consuming process, inflexible, and ran the risk of data loss or errors.

Outcome: Planning Analytics has had a significant impact on the financial reporting capabilities of the business. The controlled flexibility offered by the software solution ensures consistency and accuracy across the Group, even when there are significant changes to underlying business drivers. It has helped to save at least half a day from the budget preparation and also saves time in the monthly reforecasting process and ensures accurate cash projections. MRE now have one central and visible set of calculations across forecast, budget and long-term plan. Now their long-term plan assumptions will tie in with the budget they submitted.

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