Aramar is continually evolving, and we recently decided to formalise our approach to Customer Success, with Bronyck Stokes Horrigan becoming the new Customer Success Manager. Let Bronyck and Rob (Sales and Ops Director) go over what this means for Aramar and our customers.

‘Customer Success is a fairly new concept. Why have you decided to adopt it at Aramar?’

Rob:  The environment in which we operate is changing, and it’s important we adapt to ensure we always match our services and approach to the needs of customers and prospects. Over recent years, there has been a shift away from on-premise installations, and long ‘build-from-scratch’ projects to subscription-based Software-as-a-Service cloud solutions. Customers want a speedy return on investment, and the flexibility to adapt to changes in their own circumstances.

Bronyck:  We want to make sure that at Aramar, our customers continually get what they need from our products and services, not only so that they don’t want to leave, but that the software truly helps their business and they are confident they have made a great investment. We therefore aim to build good business relationships based on trust, reliability, and understanding.

‘What does it mean for Aramar?’

Rob:  Bronyck will be taking on the new role of Customer Success Manager, she has previously held technical and account management roles at Aramar. The Customer Success Manager role aligns with what she likes to achieve, which is making sure that our customers are happy. Internally, this means bringing our teams closer together, so there is a more unified picture of the customer – meaning everyone can work towards the same goals and challenges. Customer success has always been central to what we do at Aramar, but we are recognising it as a function of our business, led by Bronyck and the responsibility of everyone in the company.

‘What do you aim to do for your customers with this new role?’

Bronyck:  We aim to make sure that once customers have completed a project, or purchased software from us, they have a dedicated point of contact in Aramar if they have any issues or questions. We also want to make sure we proactively keep in touch with all of our customers to check their progress over time, and that they also stay up to date with any information relevant to them. The overall goal is to make sure any engagement with us is as smooth and easy as possible.

‘What’s next for Customer Success in Aramar?’

Bronyck:  We will be formalising a few internal processes for customers, as well as thoughts on how we can bring our customers together, so they can learn more from each other. We also want to make sure we give value back, by sharing as much helpful and interesting content as possible.

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