Many businesses are now making a move to the Cloud as part of a wider strategy to improve IT efficiency and control costs. IBM have made huge improvements to their Cloud offerings, making them the preferred choice for many companies making the change from an On-Premise installation to the Cloud.

Planning Analytics has traditionally been implemented on-premise, but IBM has worked hard to make migrating to the Cloud an attractive option. Companies that decide to migrate will reap the benefits in the long run, but they do need to consider the commitment and time needed to migrate a Planning Analytics on-premise installation to the Cloud. The migration process can seem daunting but does not have to be complicated or lengthy.

For the most part, a Planning Analytics migration is a manual copy and paste exercise. However, without excellent knowledge of the Planning Analytics installations and environment, both on premise and Cloud, you can experience problems. A successful migration requires you to anticipate challenges and milestones, and map these on a timeline to help structure the migration and define project success.

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