A sea of numbers is not a good look for a Board Pack and is definitely not very engaging. Text commentary helps to provide context but it is often difficult to make it an integral part of the report. Many organisations find that it  would be helpful when looking back at results to be able to view the historical commentary alongside the numbers.

How can we help you achieve commentary reporting?

We built our Fast Financials solution with commentary reporting in mind, because it is a standard function of IBM Planning Analytics to store text in its database as well as numbers.

There is the ability to comment in a similar fashion to Excel, with comments being retained as an audit trail of conversations.

Also, commentary can be entered and stored against a time period, so that in future, the relevant text can be displayed when looking at historical reports.

Fast Financials

Our Fast Financials solution, powered by IBM Planning Analytics provides an out-of-the-box, single product platform that delivers:

Financial Consolidation, Financial Reporting, Budgeting, AI-driven Forecasting, Scenario Modelling, Dashboards and Visualisations.


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