Many organisations still use Excel to collect planning data, collate and manipulate it to build the annual budget or periodic forecasts. In the absence of a specialist planning system, Excel is the obvious choice because it is easy to work with.

Often the budget model lives on from one year to another, gaining more content and becoming ever more cumbersome. Errors could be hidden anywhere. Responding to changes in the business is a headache. The model is so inefficient it holds the business back from planning more frequently. The focus of each Budget or Forecast exercise become all about the process and not the business outcomes.

How can we help you achieve better budgeting and forecasting? 

We recommend IBM Planning Analytics to replace Excel for budgeting and forecasting.

We have many happy customers using it and there are thousands of customers worldwide who use IBM Planning Analytics for all types of financial and operational planning.

By providing a stable, secure and immensely powerful platform for planning data, plans are more trusted, faster to prepare, and far more responsive to change. This helps organisations to look forward with more confidence and make faster, more informed decisions.

IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics is business performance management software that combines budgeting and AI-enhanced forecasting with intuitive analysis, reporting and workflows.

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