Why try to stop the use of Excel? It’s a tool that almost everyone feels comfortable with, is cheap and easy to use.

But the risks of holding data in Excel models are well-known. An organisation might have spent thousands or millions of pounds on systems that assure data integrity and security, yet from the moment the data is exported into a spreadsheet, those assurances are lost.

It is difficult to reconcile these two opposing arguments.

How can we help you move away from spreadsheets?

IBM Planning Analytics is equipped with a modern Excel interface called Planning Analytics for Excel, which allows users to benefit from all the familiarity and ease-of use of Excel, but without the risks and limitations.

What’s different is that data is no longer stored with the Excel file, Excel is just used to retrieve and display data.

By storing data within Planning Analytics’ powerful in-memory database, data integrity is assured, and the immense processing power of Planning Analytics becomes available.

IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics is business performance management software that combines budgeting and AI-enhanced forecasting with intuitive analysis, reporting and workflows.

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