Attention to Retail

Attention to Retail: Staying ahead of the competition

Published 4th October 2017

There is no doubt that retailers are going through a period of unprecedented change driven by evolving consumer behaviour, rising costs, lower pricing power and the need to invest in information-led innovations. But what do they really need to gain that competitive edge?

IBM Watson Analytics

Watson Analytics - give your business a competitive edge

Published 21st August 2017

How can you make sure your customers are getting the best service possible? Aramar's resident expert Bronyck Stokes Horrigan looks at how using Watson Analytics and Watson Analytics for Social Media can radically improve customer service and help your business thrive.

Just do it - Five reasons to get on and implement BI before ERP

Published 29th June 2017

There are so many positives to implementing BI before ERP, not least the speed of seeing results. Aramar's Sales and Operations Director has worked at Aramar since its inception in 2010, helping customers to get a better understanding of their business with IBM Cognos technology. One of the areas that's noticeably changed in the past couple of years is our customers' approach to the timing of when they decided to implement a performance management solution.

Need help with where to go on holiday? Watson Analytics for Social Media can help you decide.

Published 20th April 2017

With so many places to choose from and so many options to consider, it is often hard to settle on one holiday destination despite a plethora of recommendations. What if you could gather these recommendations and analyse them to find the best destination for you? Bronyck Stokes Horrigan looks at how, with Watson Analytics for Social Media, you can do just that.

Wil-fred’s Most Excel-lent Adventure

Published 27th July 2016

Right from starting school, I have been fascinated by numbers and this took me on an educational route that involved studying maths and economics at various levels right up to degree level. So when I entered the world of work, this meant that I performed a variety of roles where the word ‘analyst’ was in the job title as I would get to apply my advanced numeracy in a business context.