The Changing Face of Cognos Analytics

Published 1st August 2019

Last month saw the latest release of Cognos Analytics and in this latest roll out IBM have made a raft of enhancements to reporting, authoring, dash boarding, data exploration and natural language AI processing. In this blog we take a look at the best new features and why this version aims to open Cognos Analytics up to new audiences.

Comparing Data using Sandboxes as dimensions in Planning Analytics Workspace

Published 2nd May 2019

Frequent updates to IBM Planning Analytics mean there are lots of exciting new features available. One feature that Bronyck Stokes Horrigan particularly likes is the ability to compare sandboxes as dimensions. In this blog Bronyck talks you through how you can easily compare two different scenarios in the same view!

IFRS 16 - shining a light on lease financing

Published 1st May 2019

In January the new IFRS 16 accounting standard came in to force. According to International Accounting Standards Board chairman Hans Hoogervorst, “These new accounting requirements bring lease accounting into the 21st century, ending the guesswork involved when calculating a company’s often-substantial lease obligation". Find out what the key changes are and the practical steps you should take to address the changes.

The top 5 things to look for when hiring a consultancy

Published 20th March 2019

Chris Sands has been working in IT consultancy for 35 years and can tell you a thing or two about what makes an IT project successful. In this blog Chris shares his top 5 things to consider when selecting a consultancy to work with.

5 key questions to ask about your data

Published 11th September 2018

Data processing and analytics can potentially make or break entities. Many organisations invest in the most cutting-edge data processing and analytics tools and are willing to spend billions of dollars annually to apply the best technology available. Yet many of these organisations underestimate the importance of data management until they need to implement analytics. Adam Bakhtiar shares the 5 questions you should always asks about your data when starting a new analytics project.