Maintenance of IBM Cognos 10 BI Servers

Published 11th August 2014

Andrew Copeland - During the lifetime of your IBM Cognos 10 environment you will notice a slow erosion of disk space on the drive which has the application files installed on it. This is due to a number of files that are created during normal operation, and can cause a major issue if you installed the software on a small capacity hard drive. You may receive a call from your user community that reports are not running! Find out how to avoid issues and keep a healthy environment.

Effective Report Automation with IBM Cognos

Published 31st July 2014

Lindsey O’Grady – Do you distribute the same reporting content to hundreds of people within your organisation each with just their slice own of the data? Is it Chaos? Confusing? Challenging? Does it consume numerous man hours to extract, compile and distribute? Or, do you have it under control? What happens if you need to change the reporting content? What happens if people leave, move departments, or have just started with your organisation? Read ‘Effective Report Automation with IBM Cognos’ to improve your processes.

IBM Cognos BI, what’s new in version 10.2

Published 1st July 2014

Lindsey O’Grady – New and improved features from the latest release BI 10.2.2 including: RAVE Visualisation, OLAP (dynamic cube) technology, workspace tabs and new features in report studio.

Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) – An absurdity in disclosure

Published 6th June 2014

Joseph Hughes - discusses the tools within Cognos Disclosure Management; variables, dashboards, audit trail and database links. Solving the problems surrounding disclosure, providing secure, reliable reporting and pea soup fit for your table!