As part of our strategy at Aramar, we are always taking customer feedback on board to improve their experiences. Many people like to try to solve their own problems before reaching out, and our customers are no exception. Over the past few years, we have had several comments about troubleshooting issues, and that relevant answers can be hard to find.

As a support provider and product specialist in the IBM Business Analytics software, we have a bank of information and answered questions. Until now, this information has been stored internally.

Our new Knowledge Share now stores all the information we think may be helpful to our customers. It’s open to anyone looking for an answer to questions about IBM Business Analytics software.

You can access our Knowledge Share directly here – make sure to save to your favourites!

You can search our Knowledge Share for specific topics or browse what’s available.

The Knowledge Share will be continually updated with new content. If you have suggestions or any other feedback we would love to hear it!