After a lengthy wait, we are pleased to tell you about the update for IBM Cognos Controller – 10.4.2 FP1.  It’s a fairly big release with several new features to both Controller Classic and Controller Web. This release tackles product corrections and security vulnerabilities, includes new WebView2 Runtimes and various improvements to Controller Classic and Controller Web. 

This blog gives an overview of the changes. If you’d like to download you can find the new fix pack on fix central and find out more about the download and prerequisites here. 

Controller Classic 

Implementation of Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime. This is a new prerequisite application, that you must download and install before you install Cognos Controller 10.4.2 FP1. The application provides an embedded browser that displays context sensitive help, login windows, and reports. WebView2 Runtime is now required because Cognos Controller no longer support Microsoft IE. 

Note – You will need to delete the all instances of the work area folder from your existing Controller installation before you upgrade to FP1.

Controller Web 

Standalone on-Cloud installer for the Microsoft Excel link 

Many of you will be pleased to know you can now download a standalone Excel link that is not integrated with the Controller rich client. 

If you are a new Controller on Cloud user, the standalone Excel link will allow you to use Microsoft Excel with Controller Web and with other systems. 

If you are an existing Controller on Cloud user with an Excel link, you already have the Controller rich client installed. You may want to keep using your existing Excel link to access the combined features of the rich client and Excel. However, if you only want to use Excel and don’t require the rich client, you can switch to the new standalone Excel link. Before doing so, you must uninstall your existing Excel link and rich client. 

Filters on cells in standard forms 

In a standard form, you can now filter a selected column on the following: 

  • cells with values 
  • cells with no values 
  • all cells 

Freeze panes in free forms 

In Controller Web, you can now view a fixed scroll area, also known as a freeze pane, when you populate a free form. This matches the functionality already available in Controller Classic. 

Note, the fixed scroll area must first be defined by editing the Layout Options > Fixed Scroll Area setting in Excel link. 

Enter a comment directly in a comment cell in free forms 

In a free form, you can enter a comment directly in a comment cell that is generated by the fputComment function. Prior to release 10.4.2 FP1, you had to edit the comment in a separate comment window associated with the comment cell. 

Edit the investment register 

For investment accounts, you can now edit the content in the sub-window Data Entry-Shareholdings and Investments in Group Companies. Previously, in Controller Web, you could not update investment figures in Controller Web that were previously entered in Controller Classic or add/delete entries. 

Comments per line in an intercompany account 

When you are going in an intercompany sub-window, you can now add a comment for any line. Previously, you could add only a general comment that applied to all lines. 

Filter on values in the intercompany reconciliation tab 

You can filter the intercompany differences on values that are higher than the value that you specify. 

Intercompany reconciliation and differences based on transaction currency 

You can now show the differences in transaction currency for intercompany accounts of type J. 

For the original announcement, notes on what has been deprecated, and other related links, visit the IBM Documentation portal.   


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