Bringing Workflow into Planning Analytics is something that has long been on the radar for both customers and the IBM development team. Over the last few releases, the IBM Planning Analytics development team have introduced some new features to help incorporate the desired functionalities.

Added Workflow Features

Below is a list of the added workflow features, and a link to their respective release notes:

Email Notifications – PAW 2.0.77, June 2022

Approvals and Rejections – PAW 2.0.78, July 2022

Plan Overview Monitor (monitoring of plan execution) – PAW 2.0.79, August 2022

Task Dependencies – PAW 2.0.79, August 2022

Visualise the workflow and dependencies – PAW 2.0.81, October 2022

Text formatting options – PAW 2.0.81, October 2022

Attachments to plans (including PDF, CVS, PowerPoint and others) – PAW 2.0.82, November 2022

Lifecycle Management – PAW 2.0.82, November 2022

New Features Soon To Be Released

There are also a number of features currently in development, some of which have been planned for release. These include:

  • Data locking (period locking).
  • Scheduling parts of the plan, including the ability to schedule tasks to open at a specific time.
  • An accountability dimension so users will be able to create a dimension containing an approval hierarchy, which is needed for data locking.
  • Additional workflow task types.
  • Scheduling of the AI forecast.


We hope these features are something you’ll find beneficial!

If you think there are any other helpful features that should be incorporated into Workflow, you can suggest them to product management here: