Controller and TM1 Integration

Published 9th March 2012

Due to the recent release of TM1 Version 10.1, a number of clients are wanting to utilise the latest functionality in TM1 Version 10 with the Financial Analytics Publisher (FAP) functionality.

This can now be done but you need to observe the following matrix of compatibility carefully:

  • Controller 8.5.0 only works with TM1 Version 9.4 and 9.5.1
  • Controller 8.5.1 only works with TM1 Version 9.5.1 and 9.5.2
  • Controller 10.1 RTM to 10.1 Interim Fix 5 works with TM1 Version 9.5.2
  • Controller 10.1 Interim Fix 6 works with TM1 9.5.2 and TM1 10.1

Controller 10.1 IF6 was released on March 7 and is the only release that integrates TM1 10.1 with Controller and the FAP process. Additionally, to allow the TM1 10.1 integration you need to perform the following ‘manual’ step.

  1. Replace the “c8itk4j.jar” from the “FAP lib” folder with the “c8itk4j.jar” file from the “TM1_10.1_CAM_compatibility” folder in Controller 10.1 IF6.
  2. Confirm that the correct system variable Path is set for the newly installed TM1.
  3. Restart the FAP service.

Once you complete these steps you break any integration with TM1 9.5.2 so backing up the existing c8itk4j.jar file before you start is highly recommended.

It is also planned that this step will be automatic when patch updating Controller  from release 10.1 IF7 (Due April 2012) and this means that from IF7 onwards FAP integration will only be provided by using TM1 10.1.

The Interim fixes that are produced by the Controller development team are only made available on request. If you wish to obtain an interim fix then you need to must log a PMR with IBM Support. The support team usually send you a link to the FTP site within 24 hours to entitled support customers. If you are supported by a partner then you need to request the Interim Fixes through your partner support desk.

It is interesting to see IBM make the bold step of providing integration to the newest platform only so early in it’s lifecycle. It shows the confidence that they have in the new version of TM1.