Aramar’s guide to what’s new in Controller 10.3

Published 4th January 2017

Mark Whitney - Practice Lead for Close & Consolidate

Mark takes a look at the new features of Controller 10.3 and what affect they will have on your user experience.

December 2016 saw the release of the on premise version of the Cognos Controller 10.3 with the cloud version scheduled for early this year.

In this blog, we will look at the new features of Controller 10.3 and what affect they will have on your user experience.

The good news is that for this update IBM have shifted the focus away from features and functions and have worked to improve speed and integration, as well as developing a more intuitive and user friendly experience which builds on Controller’s already impressive feature set. 

The most significant component of this update is Controller Web, a zero-footprint installation for reporting sites.  This will firstly eliminate the need for third-party remote access software, providing an easier deployment to “reporting site users"; secondly it means cost saving!  


Users are now able to load, reconcile and run basic reports on their own data directly through the internet and not require separate connection and cost investment into Citrix or Terminal Server solutions.

Another significant plus is that Controller Web has a fresher and modern appearance, one that brings it more in line with the look and feel of Watson Analytics and Planning Analytics.  An appearance that also includes a step by step process for user tasks so that they can be completed more intuitively, with logical colours and symbols used to lessen the cognitive load on users and better convey status.  

Controller Web does therefore look and feel contemporary.  Our hands on testing, both technical and application, of Controller Web during beta product release highlighted these improvements to us.  For instance, intercompany information is now presented immediately for the benefit of the local reporting site.  You can run results against other companies with no separate need for running Controller reports, nor do you require to first run any consolidation routine, amounts in foreign currency are translated into your local currency for comparison.  

Controller Web also enables the user to design and save their own reports for data review and these reports can be tailored to their own analysis requirement, as used in advance of data submission, thus putting the user in the driving seat with their data and in turn making them more confident in the results they are delivering.

In summary, this latest version of Controller brings together a much fresher and aesthetically pleasing user interface in combination with a more intuitive and user-friendly work flow, these operational and user improvements therefore compliment and build on the product’s core asset of data reconciliation and control.  A big thumbs up to IBM from Aramar!

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