IBM Cognos TM1 Version 10.2 – New Features

Published 3rd July 2014

Lindsey O’Grady – Practice Lead Report & Analyse


  • New TM1 Mobile Contributor iPad app
  • Improved performance with multi-thread queries
  • Performance modeller data flow model diagram
  • New Scorecard capabilities in Performance Modeller – traffic light reporting, maps and more.
  • Filter by attribute in Cognos Insight.
  • Security Integration with BI – map Cognos BI security groups in TM1 security
  • TM1 cube ragged hierarchy support within BI – use of placeholder ‘filler’ members to create a balanced hierarchy
  • Facility to migrate from Cognos Planning – imports cubes, dimensions and links.
  • CAFÉ – new excel interface for displaying and analysing data within TM1 cubes
  • TM1 in the cloud


New TM1 Mobile Contributor iPad App.

Use the mobile app to complete the following tasks:

  • Open planning applications created via performance modeller
  • View submission statuses.
  • Interact with cube views in a grid or chart format.
  • Input and submit budget values which write back to the server.
  • Improve performance with multi-threaded queries


You can potentially improve the processing performance of queries by allowing them to split into multiple processing threads.

Performance Modeller

Performance Modeller has had a substantial list of improvements in 10.2. There are improvements for applications, easier modelling capabilities for developers, and enhanced features for those using the cubes for analysis. The main highlights are below.

New Features for TM1 Users:

  • New Cognos TM1 Scorecarding (red-amber-green statuses for KPIs). (See next page)
  • Create Calculations within Cube Viewer – allows users to select a range of cells within the cube viewer, and create calculations that apply to the selected range
  • Drill-through views can be customised

TM1 Application Improvements (only applications created within Performance Modeller):

  • Turbo Integrator processes can be triggered from workflow actions
  • Reuse of approval hierarchies – You can deploy TM1 Applications to different slices of the same cube
  • Can specify different cube views for reviewers vs contributors in TM1 Applications

New Features for TM1 Developers & Administrators:

  • Auto-Documentation: Show Data Flow model diagramming

  • Auto-Generation of Feeders – Feeders now also generate automatically for rules created using the in-cube calculations creation wizard. Possibility to generate a report on which feeders are proposed without writing feeders to the model
  • Enhanced pick list capability – can generate a pick list (drop down list in a cell intersection) by pasting values from notepad

Cognos Planning Migration

  • New import of Cognos Planning models into Cognos TM1. Can import XML file which imports the cubes, dimensions and links

TM1 Scorecards

  • Displays a collection of red-amber-green performance metrics to quickly evaluate business performance using TM1 objects.
  • Metrics are displayed in many different formats including a Metrics cube, Impact Diagram, Strategy Map, and Custom Diagrams (for example maps, process flow diagrams, etc.).
  • Created in developer modelling too, Performance Modeller. Viewable in Cognos Insight and TM1 Web.

Cognos Insight

Cognos Insight is a reporting and planning tool for end users which is interactive, visual, and connects directly to the data in TM1. New features and improvements include:

  • Can filter by attributes and use them in charts
  • Can print and export workspaces
  • Combination charts now available
  • Can use new data spreading options
  • Capability to drill through on cells to view details
  • Can view scorecards created in Performance

TM1 in the Cloud

New in 10.2 is a cloud offering for TM1 components. This benefits businesses as they don’t have to buy hardware, request a Virtual Machine from IT or install the software which saves both time and money.


CAFÉ (Cognos Analysis For Excel) is a new Excel interface for interacting with TM1 cubes and is likely to replace perspectives at some point in the future. It has formerly been used with BI cubes but now extends to connect with TM1 servers as well so you can bring the two environments together. It has an interactive drag, drop, drill up and down environment and works with Excel charts and formulae. It has significant performance improvements compared with perspectives.

Integration with BI

  • Security Integration. Ability to map Cognos BI user groups into TM1 user groups
  • Support for Ragged Hierarchies. There is better handling of ragged/unbalanced hierarchies as a result of element level security by the use of a placeholder “filler” member to balance the hierarchy out.

TM1 Web

TM1 web is a portal for applications created from developer modelling tool, Architect.

Improvements mainly centre on installation, compatibility and performance improvements:

  • Better websheet support for Excel 2007 and above
  • Better websheet support for conditional formatting
  • Websheets now support the ability to type a value in a consolidated figure and breaks back to its leaves
  • Improved performance as TM1 Web now based on Java instead of .NET
  • Exporting is now faster
  • Can view scorecards created in Performance Modeller
  • Easier to install
  • TM1 Applications and TM1 Web on single Application Server

TM1 Applications

TM1 applications is a web portal for accessing TM1 applications created from developer modelling tool, Performance Modeller. Improvements include:

  • Purging commentary
  • Enable and Disable servers
  • Requiring commentary at the end of a workflow action

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