What's new in PAW version 62?

Published 23rd March 2021

Planning Analytics Workspace version 62 came out overnight on 17th March 2021. Lindsey O'Grady takes a look under the bonnet to see what's new and reviews the significance of the updates.

What's new in PAW version 61?

Published 15th February 2021

Planning Analytics Workspace version 61 came out on 11th February 2021. Lindsey O'Grady reviews what's new and gives her opinion on the new features.

Why our customers love PA on Cloud

Published 7th February 2021

It seems everyone is talking about moving from PA Local to PA on Cloud. In our latest vlog Lindsey O'Grady puts her perspective on why customers are benefitting from the cloud experience. She also takes a look at what you should bear in mind if you are considering a move to the Cloud.

What's new in PAW version 60

Published 11th January 2021

As an expert in Planning Analytics Lindsey O'Grady knows more than a thing or two about what new features are really worth the hype. In this blog Lindsey takes us through the latest developments in Planning Analytics Workspace Version 60 and give us her verdict.

What's new in Planning Analytics Workspace version 58?

Published 9th November 2020

A lot that's what! It's the most significant update to the product ever and is packed with new features which include guided planning, predictive forecasting and major charting improvements. Read our expert Lindsey O'Grady's run down of some of the highlights.

How to maximise your chances of project success

Published 14th October 2020

As a consultancy we have had the pleasure of working with many different customers to implement IBM software. In this blog, Bronyck Stokes Horrigan takes us through the seven golden rules to follow to make sure a project is successful.