Shafique Rahman

Support Consultant

Shafique comes along having worked in a support capacity in all of his previous roles. He brings along his experience of working with AWS, data centres and Citrix within a SaaS and on-premise environment. He has a passion for delivering a positive Customer Experience for all support, consultancy and training opportunities.

Shafique is more than comfortable talking to end users face to face, onsite or via video calls.

How Shafique works

Shafique work's systematically and applying a logical approach taking into account only the relevant details that are needed. 

Shafique has huge customer empathy knowing the frustrations of customers when things are not working as expected. Shafique is more likely to pick up a phone and speak to the customers rather than send emails out.

Shafique doesn't just fix things, he puts in a corrective and preventative action to a problem.

Specialisms and Expertise


Service Desk Tools

Monitoring Tools


Football (see below)


Football, Football and Football ...