IBM Cognos Analytics

Just as every picture tells a story, so does every data point

From data prep and discovery to data visualisation and collaboration, AI drives IBM Cognos Analytics.  It’s been built to help you find and share compelling stories that lie hidden in your data. Unlike analytics solutions that only show what’s happening across your business, IBM Cognos Analytics goes further, using AI to get to why it happened.  These game-changing insights enable businesses to respond efficiently to rapidly evolving business needs.

Cognos Analytics give you the ability to explore and analyse vast volumes of data quickly and reliably, making it easier to spot hidden trends and patterns.

Introducing IBM Cognos Analytics - redesigned and infused with AI

From data prep and discovery to data visualisation and collaboration, AI drives IBM Cognos Analytics.  Learn more in our short video.

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IBM Cognos Analytics

Get to the Why

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Why choose IBM?

Broad product set

All of the IBM Cognos products are ‘Best of Breed’ for Financial Performance Management. The rich functionality combined with seamless integration means that we always have the right tool at hand without having to go through a selection process of products with a lesser pedigree and poor integration. All the functionality of IBM Cognos is available to both mid-market and large scale organisations, priced competitively and fully scalable to grow with your business.

Trust IBM

IBM is a trusted brand with a long standing reputation for quality. IBM has spent years investing in developing the Cognos Suite and will continue to do so in the long term.

Cost effective

IBM’s Cognos products are a cost effective way to address your business’s unique requirements; from managing cash flow and assets to budgeting & forecasting, consolidation and reporting.

We live and breathe IBM technology

Our experienced consultants know what drives a business and are able to identify the right IBM solution for your needs. We apply the IBM Cognos suite of products to deliver the information that businesses in competitive markets need to thrive.

Discover how Aramar can give you the information to make better decision using IBM Cognos. Make an enquiry with us today on 03301242797 or fill in our simple online form