Dashboards, self-service analytics, mobile-friendly, pixel-perfect reports

Are you able to create, update and distribute your reports easily? Do you have the ability to create dashboards with impressive, rich visualisations?  Are you confident there are no important business insights hidden in your data?

Modern reporting and analysis solutions offer a game-changing experience for uncovering insights in your data.  It provides a window into how your business is performing and allows you to make fact-based decisions.  Self-service capabilities offer a smarter way to interpret information and create reports with stunning presentation.

It is impressive how technology now allows us to read the headline news all around the world within 5 clicks, but when it comes to the headline news of your business, many organisations find that information far less accessible.  Aramar helps businesses to re-design the way they interact with their reporting and analysis, to make that information accessible with little or no fuss.

Our business intelligence solutions deliver a full range of reporting and analysis capabilities as well as the ability to integrate seamlessly with other areas of Financial Performance Management – including planning, consolidation and disclosure.  Our proven platform is a consistent market leader in the analytics field and continues to be trusted globally by businesses of all sizes and all industries.

Our Analytics services provide

  • Scalability – adapts with business growth, enabling businesses to plan solutions for the long term
  • A complete web-based solution – access anywhere, no need for installing software on local machines
  • A central, secure portal – simplicity of one portal, yet the ability to customise and secure it for different audiences
  • Insights on-the-go – uncover the same insights on any device and any location, even offline, allowing a more rapid response to decision making
  • Dashboards –  create dashboards with impressive, rich visualisations with the ability to share and collaborate across teams remotely
  • Suitable for all audiences – from basic report consumers through to analysts and business intelligence specialists


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As an IBM Gold Business Partner we are proud to have achieved Platinum status for client satisfaction


Aramar provided alot of support in the communications and the timing of communications, which is key in managing a project with global users with a multitude of other priorities. 

Whenever we have contacted Aramar for advice they have always been helpful and willing to assist where they can.

A snapshot of how we work

Our experienced team implement a host of Business Intelligence solutions. Here is a clear case study of our reporting and analysis capabilities.

Client: Apollo, World Class Fire Solutions. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of smoke detectors, modules and notification devices.

Issue: Reports were created in Excel PowerPivot which were laborious to update. The ability to present information in an engaging format was limited. Distributing information to managers was a lengthy, manual process. Apollo were convinced there were important insights hidden in their data that they couldn’t get at.

Solution: Data held in spreadsheets was replaced with superfast, in-memory, OLAP cubes which centralised the data in one place. Once data was loaded into the cubes, all reports instantly updated with new figures. Routine reports were automatically distributed with no manual effort. Business intelligence tools presented the data in stunning dashboards with rich, insightful visualisations. Now Apollo could easily uncover new trends and summaries, to show up anomalies that could be drilled into for the answers.

Outcome: Dashboards were distributed across the business on mobile devices. Rich information has been discovered within the data and enabled better decision making for the business.

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