Shafique Rahman

Support Consultant

Aramar encompasses everything I was looking for in a new modern company. We’re all remote workers and Aramar always takes time out to make sure we’re all physically and mentally comfortable working in our remote locations. Aramar promotes inclusivity in all matters, allowing everyone to make suggestions that will be best for Aramar, its employees and its customer base. Being an IBM partner, Aramar also allows me to work with an industry leading company using the very latest technology and resources available to us all. Within the team we have Product specialists and one of the great things about Aramar is having opportunities to work with those product specialists.  I don’t feel ‘fenced in’ my role, I’m allowed, and encouraged, to work with other teams, helping, sharing our experiences, and making suggestions going forward.

I know Aramar will continue to grow and be successful as we currently are. I would like Aramar to be IBM’s ‘go to’ partner and be that Industry leading partner. With our experience and technology stack continually evolving we can grow our customer base, help companies grow themselves, empower end users with leading edge technology all combined with a strong focus on delivering a positive customer experience!

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