What We Do

We work with customers of all sizes and from all industries, helping them to implement Financial Performance Management solutions using IBM Cognos software. We supply software licences on behalf of IBM, and we deliver the highest-quality consultancy services, training, project management and technical support.Full-Cylinder_amended-(1).jpg


We invest the time to fully understand our customer’s requirements, offering our advice and working with them to identify the exact products and licencing required.

We help our customers throughout the entire implementation phase and beyond. Our level of involvement is your choice, but our experienced team can work with your team to design the optimum solution, advise on the technical environment, install the software, build the solution, deliver training, and provide support for your live solution.


Our approach

We aim to deliver solutions that are owned by our customers, enabling them to be self-sufficient, and not reliant on external skills. We can and do provide all the development resources required by any project, but our preferred approach is one of trusted advisor and mentor, which reduces the level of consultancy cost and enhances the skills transfer process.

Whichever approach is taken, we always insist on simple designs and that our customers acquire the skills to enable them to take full ownership of their solution.

“If the solution is more complex than the problem, it’s not the right solution”

Aramar’s distinctive strength is the ability to provide IBM Cognos consultancy services across all disciplines of Financial Performance Management.. We have a real depth of financial knowledge and experience, and we recognise that Performance Management is often, but not always, driven by the finance department. Our breadth of experience enables us to deliver solutions that benefit all aspects of an organisation, from Procurement through to Operational, HR and Commercial. We understand that effective Financial Performance Management means not only control of the financial close process, but also control of and insight into the operations that drive financial results.

“We understand Finance, but are not trapped in the Accounts department”


Aramar have successfully delivered the rebuild of a Controller application pointing to a new group currency for reporting on the US stock exchange.