About Aramar

We are a business analytics consultancy with our own dedicated and experienced consultancy team. We deliver financial reporting, analytics, planning and performance management solutions. We are proud to be a growing company that is trusted by organisations of all sizes and industries to help them plan for, understand and control their business performance and make better decisions as a result.

Aramar's four main practices pecialise in an aspect of FPM and how this fits into the bigger picture:


Close & Consolidate

Accounting ledger close and financial data consolidation, providing control and confidence over the reported actual data.

Budget Plan & Forecast

Forward-looking, target setting and scenario modeling, forming the basis against which actual performance is measured.

Report & Analyse

The presentation of performance against targets; dissemination of relevant information throughout the organisation, and insight into business opportunities and threats.


Final publication of results, whether statutory financial statements, annual reports, press communications or industry returns.

Aramar is also able to offer solutions for guided data discovery with Watson Analytics and social media analysis via Watson Analytics for Social Media.

Aramar are backed by the industry-leading giant in Business Analytics that is IBM.