Fast Financials

Fast Financials can provide Financial Consolidation, Reporting, Cash Flow and Planning right out of the box! Powered by IBM Planning Analytics, Fast Financials is Aramar's plug and go solution that will get you up and running within days and for a low monthly cost.

It allows you to upload your historic and current actual, budget and forecast data and includes cash flow planning.  Your data populates a series of pre-built dashboards that allow you to plan by dimensions relevant to your company. Once your data is uploaded, you’ll be able to slice and dice your data, analyse and create different scenarios and collaborate with your team. 

Can I customise the model?

Fast Financials has been built to a standard model. We know it won’t exactly fit every business, but it means we have fast-tracked the many days of services that would otherwise be required to build a model with the base software.  We recommend you start with the standard model first, but if required, we can fully customise the model to fit your exact requirements.


We will train your team on how to use the system – how to load data and structures and how to use reports. The system is very intuitive, but we can also provide additional training.

What support is available?

Aramar runs a dedicated support desk available via telephone, email or our web-based support portal. Support is based on a token system – a token equals one call or one hour of support work. 

I liked the ease of the Aramar solution, the professional look for easy reporting. It’s the first solution I have seen that lets us do it all in one place. Recent customer comment

Find out all you need to now about why your business needs Fast Financials.

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