IBM Planning Analytics powered by TM1

Plan for anything, be ready for everything

IBM Planning Analytics is an integrated planning solution that uses AI to automate planning, budgeting, and forecasting and drive more intelligent workflows.

Built on TM1, IBM’s powerful calculation engine, Planning Analytics enables collaborative, interactive planning and super charges your performance analysis and reporting.  

You can keep the traditional MS Excel interface you know and love, but get to add advanced tools like multidimensional analysis and planning, to drive faster, more accurate plans for FP&A, sales, supply chain and beyond.

Why Planning Analytics? The business benefits

IBM Planning Analytics enables organisations to harness the power of collaboration with managed workflow. It provides data aggregation and calculations, and allows users to review and analyse results and details from thousands of data points in real time. Plus, users can store key business logic and calculations in a secure application, where changes are made only by designated administrators and are immediately replicated to all participants, eliminating errors and conflicting data.

Planning Models without limits

  • Handles very complex rules, allocation methods and huge quantities of data
  • No cube size limitations
  • Works with complex data structures and multiple alternate hierarchies

Dashboards and analysis

  • Simple to use web dashboard authoring
  • Excel add-in with drag and drop interface, slice/dice, drill up/down
  • All new modern look and feel


  • Extensible modelling - can start in one area and build upon it
  • Used by large and small organisations
  • Enterprise scale security
  • Robust data encryption

Flexible hosting options

  • IBM Cloud
  • Your Cloud
  • On Premise

Rapid new release cycles

  • New features released every month

Fast calculation engine

  • Calculations can be real time or on demand
  • Fast to import data due to in-memory technology

Extensible / fully integrated FPM suite

  • Seamless integration with advanced reporting suite "Cognos Analytics"
  • Seamless integration with advanced financial consolidation suite "Cognos Controller"


  • Large user base with active community support pages

Time saving planning features

  • Data spreading techniques
  • What if analysis
  • Version control
  • Data validation

An intro to IBM Planning Analytics

Our quick fire guide to the benefits of IBM Planning Analytics

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IBM Planning Analytics Demo

Rob, our Practice Lead for Planning, takes on the role of Group FP&A Manager for Aramar's alter ego MegaBeatz. The marketing department at MegaBeatz have taken the information discovered by IBM Watson Analytics and Rob is now using IBM Planning Analytics to build an input form for the marketing campaign to capture and analyse planning information.

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Why choose IBM?

Broad product set

All of the IBM Cognos products are ‘Best of Breed’ for Financial Performance Management. The rich functionality combined with seamless integration means that we always have the right tool at hand without having to go through a selection process of products with a lesser pedigree and poor integration. All the functionality of IBM Cognos is available to both mid-market and large scale organisations, priced competitively and fully scalable to grow with your business.

Trust IBM

IBM is a trusted brand with a long standing reputation for quality. IBM has spent years investing in developing the Cognos Suite and will continue to do so in the long term.

Cost effective

IBM’s Cognos products are a cost effective way to address your business’s unique requirements; from managing cash flow and assets to budgeting & forecasting, consolidation and reporting.

We live and breathe IBM technology

Our experienced consultants know what drives a business and are able to identify the right IBM solution for your needs. We apply the IBM Cognos suite of products to deliver the information that businesses in competitive markets need to thrive.

Discover how Aramar can give you the information to make better decision using IBM Cognos. Make an enquiry with us today on 03301242797 or fill in our simple online form

Planning Analytics is working well for us and we have had no issues with it since we switched over. I personally find it much easier to use than the prior version. Gavin Aikin, eNett International