Motio PI

It’s important to have your IBM Cognos environment running efficiently, especially as it accumulates more data (users, schedules, folders, etc.) This data becomes increasingly difficult to manage as much of the management processes themselves are manual and devour your precious time. MotioPI automates these mundane management processes in Cognos, so you can make better use of your time.

You can learn more from the (data sheet) and also (download MotioPI) for free.

Applying changes to a multitude of Cognos objects en masse is an even more painful, error-prone, and time-consuming process. MotioPI Professional adds onto its free counterpart by providing a variety of ways to manage bulk updates to Cognos, giving you back time and peace of mind against potential mistakes.

Motio CI

Avoiding mistakes is crucial for a properly functioning Cognos environment. But you’re human, and mistakes WILL happen. Without rollback capabilities, you need to come up with some sort of work around to be able to access prior versions of BI assets. This might look like saving each revision of a report in a separate folder, creating backups, etc. These methods, however, can bloat the Cognos environment, are inefficient, and are not a foolproof way to safeguard your BI assets. MotioCI is your protection plan for Cognos. With its version control feature, you can rollback to any previous version of content, protect your work as you develop, and even recover deleted items.

Manual and inefficient processes in Cognos can drastically slow down the development cycle. This creates bottlenecks in getting new information in the hands of decision makers, your end users. MotioCI version control certainly does contribute to eliminating some of these tasks, but it also substantially reduces the cycle time by streamlining content releases to production. MotioCI’s release management features allow you to choose exactly what needs to be released and when. BI content can also be tested in the target environments to ensure it works before committing to a deployment.

Predictive deployment testing is just one of MotioCI’s testing capabilities. Continuously testing BI content throughout the development cycle helps you manage and control the quality of what you are delivering to your end users. Without testing, you are putting yourself at risk of delivering invalid content and reworking this content in ways that would otherwise be avoidable with the safety net of MotioCI.

Want to learn more about MotioCI? Read the (data sheet) or learn how customers like IBM have had success with MotioCI. (IBM BACC case study.)

Report Card

Every Cognos environment has extraneous reports and other types of content that eat up space. Ultimately, a bloated Cognos environment will slow down the functionality of your BI implementation. Additionally, there could also be some infrastructure issues contributing to poor performance. The big challenge with Cognos performance is identifying where your problem areas lie. Motio’s ReportCard solution will monitor reports, packages, data sources, and infrastructure to detect the source of your performance issues.

For more information on ReportCard, read the (Data Sheet).

Persona IQ

In the Cognos lifespan, you will likely need to transition to a new authentication source. This transition could be caused by a number of factors:

  • Legacy software needs to be replaced (Access Manager)
  • Consolidate authentication of all applications to one directory server
  • Mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures can require the merging or purging of directory servers.

The namespace migration process is not as simple as adding a new namespace with the users, groups, & roles, and then just disconnecting the old namespace. You will end up with a mess in your Cognos environment- broken reports, schedules, anything with a CAMID reference will need to be updated and CAMIDs are EVERYWHERE. Persona IQ provides a seamless transition from one authentication source to another by virtualizing your security principals that are exposed to Cognos.

Read the (data sheet) and see Persona IQ in action (Case study.)