Narrative reporting that brings together quantitative and qualitative data for formal publication

Do you have to compile reports which contain data from a range of different sources?  Are you passing documents back and forth across insecure channels? Do you want a system that is secure and auditable?

Disclosure is the preparation of final reporting output for publication or delivery to statutory bodies. This may be Statutory Accounts, Annual reports, Industry returns, press releases etc. Unlike internal reporting, it tends to contain larger quantities of narrative, with numbers incorporated within larger areas of text, as well as tables and images. Without integrated disclosure, this can involve a lot of manual effort with re-typing, copy-pasting and combining different sources of information. Version control is extremely important, but difficult to manage.

Disclosure Management as part of an integrated FPM solution provides that essential version control. Integration with the underlying sources of financial information eliminates re-keying and ensures the numbers are consistent throughout, even where embedded into text. It manages the collation of report content through workflow functionality.

Disclosure Management from Aramar provides:

  • Integrated values and narrative
  • Enterprise-wide collaborative on report preparation
  • Check-in Check out of reports in development
  • Consistent formatting across all elements of a report
  • Workflow
  • Version control of reports and audit trail over changes
  • Global XBRL compliance

Disclosure management

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