Automated Cash Flow

Our team of Consultants have extensive experience in successfully helping companies achieve automated cash flow reporting.

Whether you are using software that is no longer meeting your requirements or you are taking your first steps away from Excel based reporting we have the skills and knowledge to help.  

We are able to re-engineer the group consolidation within IBM Cognos Controller so that you can benefit from a range of features which include the ability the automate cash flow.

Our solution

We engineer a solution which receives reconciling data from local users, specifically their local accounts and supplementary movement analysis, meaning that each company automatically presents a reconciled cashflow to group.  

A key result is that group cashflow is the sum of multiple company cashflow results, not a single output that only has value for the top group company.  The automated cashflow therefore delivers reconciling outputs in both local and translated currencies, has easy access to make manual adjustment and can be drilled from top to bottom for immediate management analysis.

Success stories

We have succesfully helped a FTSE 250 company, head quartered in Ireland, to move away from consolidating information via the receipt and summation of Excel files. We migrated them on to IBM Cognos Controller so that they could achieve their goal of automated cashflow reporting.

One of our customers used Hyperion for their consolidation as a basic aggregation of reported numbers and adjustments.  We successfully migrated them on to Cognos Controller which allowed them 
to benefit from automated journals and automated cashflow.

A leading specialist subsea services company came to us with a group consolidation solution which had been originally configured in TM1.  We successfully delivered a full rebuild of the Cognos Controller and TM1 estate to deliver what the business required, but which retained elements of success they had already achieved.  The rebuild and putting consolidation right within Controller meant that they benefited from automated cashflow as a new feature.

We have provided Cognos Controller services to a customer who was an existing TM1 user.  A key selling point in them choosing Controller for their consolidation process was its ability to automate cashflow.  We were asked to deliver the project as quickly as possible and we successfully came in under our budget of 25 days.