Budget, Plan & Forecast

More relevant, more frequent, more flexible planning

Planning is the cornerstone of successful Financial Performance Management (FPM). It is the view of how we want, or expect an organisation to perform. It provides the basis on which to measure performance and is where we can make changes in response to the measurements. The very best planning processes are linked directly to business metrics, involve company-wide collaboration, and are revised frequently, not seen as an annual chore.

Our budgeting, planning and forecasting solutions effectively align your organisation’s performance to the strategic vision. They turn the dream of linking market and operational drivers with financial results into reality.

Using a flexible, collaborative and frequently updated plan – based on performance drivers – Operational Managers are empowered to commit to their plans. Actual operational performance can then be confidently measured with the ability to react quickly. Strategic management have a clearer view of the future and confidence that they are making, smarter, more informed decisions.

Our Planning solutions deliver

  • Consistency across the business
  • Flexible modelling – based on even the largest data sets
  • Trend and what-if analysis
  • Driver-based planning
  • Top-down or bottom-up planning
  • Clear version control
  • Clear workflow management
  • Enterprise-wide collaboration and commitment to the plan

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A snapshot of how we work

Our experienced team of professionals implement a host of Planning solutions, here is a clear case study of our budget, plan and forecast capabilities.

Client: AVG, the anti-virus software seller based in the Czech-Republic

Issue: AVG's budgeting team would send out 30 different work books to be returned and consolidated. The process took far too long and the business lacked confidence in its budget.

Solution: The Planning solution from IBM Cognos fulfilled their requirements. It guaranteed consistency across the business centres whilst allowing for important local differences; confident version control; each business centre was armed with the tools to build their own business plans and commit to them; and driver based planning allows operations to concentrate on the analysis rather than the actual numbers.

Outcome: Plans were more easily understood and justified. The solution has played a role in AVG's continued growth in their marketplace.

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