Sean Kelly

Support Manager

Aramar has a culture of caring both for clients and employees. Our ethos is on working towards common goals as a team which is extremely rewarding. I have worked in software implementation environment for several years. In that time, I have engaged with numerous clients in many different sectors trying to maximise the benefits of using our software and services. The software itself is often not enough on its own and understanding the client’s needs and how 'they' would use it in their own context has been a key ingredient for successful implementations. I still have several friends I am still in contact with because of that close working relationship developed during these projects. The 'value add' factor has been an important driver within my career. It is an objective that the whole Aramar team adheres to. I get great satisfaction from sharing the client’s journey and enjoy being part of team that works together in a very effective way!

I hope that we Aramar can continue delivering first class projects and continue adding value for both clients and its employees. Its culture is one of caring and long may it continue!

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