Mark Whitney

Product Specialist

Aramar provided an opportunity to grow in partnership with others. I always wanted to run/own a business I was joined to. The chance to grow something has simply always appealed greatest to me. I initially trained and qualified with KPMG, before moving into industry with Henkel, a multi-national based in Germany.  This was my first introduction to group reporting, albeit from a local finance level within the UK and Ireland. I was involved here with SAP adoption projects on the ERP level and the project nature of work immediately appealed to me. From here I moved to a group reporting role with a UK AIM listed business, which is where I began my journey with Cognos software, specifically an old product called Cognos Finance. This business was subsequently acquired by a Swedish multi-national, an organisation that used Cognos Controller for reporting, which is where my consolidation journey with Cognos Controller product began.  Post closure of this acquisition I moved into consultancy, firstly as a sole operator, but subsequently through networking joined up with Rob and later Chris. The result today is the Aramar business you see.

I know Aramar will keep building on the core principles we’ve currently established, particularly around our integrity toward customers. This hopefully builds into their trust with us and results in an enlarged and happy customer base, with customers benefiting more and more from the solutions and opportunities that the IBM Cognos stack of applications can provide. Coupled into this is our staff and their happiness working for an organisation they hopefully feel listens to them and shares reward with from our business growth.

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