IBM Cognos Controller 10.1 – End of life date announcement - April 30th 2017

Published 11th November 2016

As IBM continues to upgrade its software, the older versions in time reach their end of Support. Within your documentation you will find that Cognos Controller 10.1 official IBM support will end April 30th 2017, details of this can be found within the lifecycle index. This means that it will no longer be supported by IBM and you will not be able to log any new PMRs* unless you upgrade to Cognos Controller 10.2

In addition to being supported by IBM, Cognos Controller 10.2 does come with additional features, you can find out more about in our Blog

At Aramar, we are experienced in installing, upgrading and implementing Cognos Controller in standalone or integrated environments. We understand that a fast, robust and accurate financial consolidation is mission critical, as such we know that keeping downtime and ongoing issues to a minimum is essential.  To ensure this is the case we can assist you in;

  • Scoping out your upgrade
  • Cleanly upgrading and connecting systems
  • User acceptance testing

If you have any questions about what this means for you and your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

*Problem Management Report, the document used to manage technical product issues.