Halma Success Story

Published 2nd February 2016

We caught up with Simon Wilson, Group Finance Manager at Halma plc

Back in 2008, Halma were consolidating their group accounts mainly using spreadsheets, this caused all kinds of problems getting to one version of the truth and managing version control, so we decided to move to a formal consolidation system to keep all of the data in a central place to consolidate from.

“We were looking for a system that could cover the consolidation part but also BI and interactive reporting”

Aramar came in for a short period of time and had a massive, massive impact. They had the flexibility and knowledge across the products which enabled them to fix problems, help us to develop Cognos Controller and implement Cognos BI for reporting.

Cognos Controller has given us the flexibility to change structures, move companies between sectors, elevate a company or look at trends, this flexibility has been very very valuable to us.

Cognos use has been growing within the group, we have confidence that data is safe and secure. Cognos has become a ‘go to’ place for information, no-one has their own little excel empire anymore, which takes away risk.

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