Motio offer software solutions that focus on enriching your experience as a Cognos user by streamlining the management of your analytics platforms. Motio offers you a blend of solutions encompassing version and content control, report validation, automated testing and release management.

Motio PI Professional

MotioPI Professional is packed with powerful time-saving features. MotioPI Professional adds on to its free counterpart by providing a variety of ways to manage bulk updates to Cognos, giving you back time and peace of mind against potential mistakes.

Motio PI

MotioPI is a FREE community driven tool which enables Cognos administrators, report authors and power users to perform everyday tasks that are traditionally tedious and time consuming. Examples include:

  • querying for all Cognos content which matches specified criteria
  • documenting all of your users’ security settings
  • validating reports after changes have been made to a model
  • recovering lost/deleted Framework Models
  • documenting schedule recipients.

Motio CI

MotioCI™ integrates with Cognos through each stage of the business intelligence life cycle-from the initial development process to testing, to deployment and on-going maintenance. MotioCI provides higher performance, quality, and manageability of Cognos through its unique blend of capabilities inversion control, release management, and automated testing.

Avoiding mistakes is crucial for a properly functioning Cognos environment. But you’re human, and mistakes will happen. Without rollback capabilities, you need to come up with some sort of workaround to be able to access prior versions of BI assets. This might look like saving each revision of a report in a separate folder, creating backups, etc. These methods, however, can bloat the Cognos environment, are inefficient, and are not a fool proof way to safeguard your BI assets. MotioCI is your protection plan for Cognos. With its version control feature, you can rollback to any previous version of content, protect your work as you develop, and even recover deleted items

Report Card

You use IBM Cognos to help your business to make decisions. But as you can imagine, the more you use it, the more your BI environment degrades. As you add more users, and more reports are accumulating it’s easy to imagine what this does to your BI system. Duplicate reports, reports that are rarely run, and infrastructure problems all lead to a slower, unresponsive environment.

Instead of working with slow, laborious Cognos content, clean it up (and keep it clean) with ReportCard. ReportCard is a software solution that runs tests (both proactively and actively) on your platform and provides information on how to improve performance. The information delivered is measurable, so you can see exactly when something went wrong


Easily deploy content between environments, and audit or track changes in IBM Planning Analytics. If you would like to resolve the problem of complicated workflows and innocent mistakes becoming roadblocks then Solterre could be just the thing you are looking for.

As an IBM Gold Business Partner we are proud to have achieved Platinum status for client satisfaction


We have a history of working with Armar in the past, which was to a high quality. We’re comfortable with Aramar managing the project and moving the management of our licence to them.

The project outcome was successful, our objectives were achieved plus value-added in the use of Cognos.

Aramar provided strong guidance for the smooth transition from our On Premise environment to SaaS, which required strong efforts by all parties. 

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