Caring Homes

Caring Homes are a leading provider of care homes for the elderly. Established in 1994 Caring Homes now has 62 care homes nationwide with 3,820 residents.

What challenges were Caring Homes facing that led them to working with Aramar? 

Caring homes needed a new financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting solution that could keep pace with their rapid expansion and give them the speed and flexibility their growing business demanded.

Caring Homes wanted three things from their new solution - consistency and accuracy in their monthly reporting; incorporation of their payroll system and the capability to spot patterns and trends in their occupancy categories.

Why Aramar? 

Caring Homes had already decided that Planning Analytics was their preferred solution which would move them on from the limitations of spread sheets, enabling them pull down rich, multi-dimensional data more quickly and efficiently.  They had started conversations with a couple of suppliers but it was Aramar’s approach which felt like a good fit for them.  Caring Homes wanted a consultant that would support knowledge transfer and help build up their in-house expertise, which fitted perfectly with Aramar’s train and mentor approach to consultancy.  Rob Howell, Aramar’s Sales and Operations Director recalls how the initial meetings went.

We didn’t discuss software at all.  To begin with we just sat and listened to them.  Then, having made sure we understood the challenges they were facing, we said we think we can help.  We took some data away with us, worked with it and then went back to them and showed them what we could do with it.  The day they saw that they bought the software.

Rob Howell, Aramar

How was the installation process?

Once Aramar had installed Planning Analytics the next step was to hold a couple of induction days explaining some of the important concepts at its core.  

We could have given Caring Homes a working solution in a week, but with our Train and Mentor approach, we took the time to transfer our knowledge so that the internal team had the skills to make their own changes as and when they needed.

Rob Howell, Aramar

After a carefully programmed schedule of hands-on and hands-off tutoring, the Caring Homes team were confidently working on the system independently and getting to grips with the capabilities of the software.  

The increased flexibility they now have has meant huge time savings and better budgeting accuracy.  They are able to get monthly accounts out in 20 minutes where previously it would have taken 2 to 3 hours. 

The outcome for Caring Homes has been that they have a much better understanding of their business.

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