We know from talking to our customers that many companies that could really benefit from a planning solution are put off by the investment required to get a project started, in terms of time, money and resources.

During a project, participants still have their day to day responsibilities to fulfil, and additional projects or big changes can mean stretched resources and challenging time scales.  Our feedback shows that many customers struggle to stick to project schedules due to unforeseen circumstances such as personnel changes and time needed to ensure successful user acceptance and training.  Another significant point for customers is the cost of buying software and implementation, which means that some companies must make tough compromises in terms of user licenses, or not upgrading their software in line with new releases.

We wanted to develop a solution that could remove some of the most common barriers to committing to a new planning solution.  So, our consultants went away to plan, develop and test a solution using our own company data and creating our own dashboards.

Fast forward to today and we now have our own out-of-the-box, plug and go budgeting, planning and reporting tool, built using IBM Planning Analytics. It includes a prebuilt model and dashboards, meaning that we can drastically reduce the cost of the project software, and cut the time and resources needed to get a project started. We also remove the issues surrounding software version management by hosting the solution.  So, say hello to Fast Financials.

Fast Financials has been designed to allow you to plug in your data and get you performing planning and budgeting across finance and sales within days rather than weeks. It provides automated month end financial reports, delivers easy, customisable dashboard creation and ad hoc analysis.

This is the first solution in a suite of out-of-the-box solutions we have been developing based on feedback from our customers.

If you think that Fast Financials sounds like just the thing you have been looking for then watch our check out our Fast Financials page or contact one of our team for an informal chat.

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