Aramar’s 2024 IBM Business Analytics Forum Update

In 2023, we held our first in-person event for 6 years at the IBM Innovation Centre in York Road, London. We had an enjoyable day meeting many of our customers (some for the first time) in person. After the restrictions on travel and meetings during the pandemic, it was lovely to see so many people attend the event. We as a team all had a great day watching insightful presenters and had some great discussions. The food was good as well!

After some helpful feedback and the continued interest of our customers, we are now busy planning our 2024 event on the 18th September, also to be held at IBM York Road in London.

This year on the agenda, we have included sessions that people found useful. This includes IBM Cognos Controller and Planning Analytics Roadmap sessions. We are also hoping to have a few context-based demos of Planning Analytics and Cognos Analytics, two things that many people wanted to see more of.

Sustainability is also very topical; therefore, we are hoping to have a session on something exciting in that space. More details to follow!

There will also be more time for networking this year, so we are looking forward to having more conversations with you all!

Our agenda has not been officially published yet, but this short blog should give you an insight into what is coming.

If you have not received or been invited to our event on the 18th of September at IBM York Road, contact us and we will be happy to let you know more.

Hope to see you there!

Let us know your thoughts here. 

Bronyck Stokes-Horrigan , Senior Customer Success Manager – 16th April 2024