Solutions Lead

At Aramar we offer a project led consultancy service, which means as a consultant I play a major role in guiding and helping my clients achieve their goals.  Working as a consultant for Aramar is a very different lifestyle to when I was an in-house Cognos professional.  

One of the things that attracts me to this lifestyle is the variety and challenge.  It’s never boring! I work with clients of all different sizes, industries, cultures, source systems and locations.  This has given me a unique opportunity to vastly broaden my knowledge and experience in a short space of time. 

I also travel internationally to conferences which so far has included Florida and Madrid. Attending these are a great buzz as I get a chance to learn all about the latest software developments before they are released as well as ample opportunity to network in the evenings with key people from the industry. 

I find Aramar a progressive and fun place to work with plenty of opportunities for growth and personal development. Becoming a consultant, particularly at Aramar, was the best career decision that I’ve made