Bronyck Stokes Horrigan

Consultant and Customer Account Manager

Bronyck joined Aramar on an internship whilst studying Business Management at University.  Today she is a Consultant focusing on reporting in Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics, especially the new Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics for Excel components. She enjoys discovering and working with the various applications of these tools within different business environments, and how they can be used to allow businesses to leverage insights from data. As consultant and account manager, she has a personable approach, and listens to the needs of the customer in order to provide them with robust solutions that will have longevity in serving the business.

How Bronyck works

Bronyck has a very personable approach, focusing on listening to the needs of the customer. She then tailors solutions to fit their needs without over complicating the result. She works enthusiastically to find the best way to do things, and is constantly striving to learn more about the different business environments and the needs of businesses, and how solutions can used to meet these needs.

Specialisms and Expertise

Planning Analytics (TM1) including Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics for Excel, Cognos Analytics, Watson Analytics, Watson Analytics for Social Media, Online Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media, Sales Strategy and Customer Account Management ensuring we continue to deliver a higher level of service to our valued, long-term clients.


Travelling, cooking, being fascinated with Japan, and taking her lovely Lhasa Apso out for walks.


IBM Planning Analytics – Analyst – 2017

IBM Planning Analytics – Modeler – 2017

IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel – Analyze Data – 2017

IBM Planning Analytics Workspace – Explore Data – 2017

IBM Planning Analytics – Dimensions and Cubes – 2017

IBM Planning Analytics – Rules and Feeders – 2017

IBM Planning Analytics – Turbointegrator – 2017

IBM Cognos Analytics Modeling Essentials – 2017

IBM Certified Developer – Cognos TM1 10.1

IBM Certified Specialist – Cognos TM1 10.1 Data Analysis

IBM Blockchain Essentials

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