How is TM1 integrated with other data sources?

IBM Cloud utilises a secure data connection called Secure Gateway for transfer of data from and two locations outside of IBM’s cloud.

How does the upgrade process work?

The Web interface for Planning Analytics is kept up to date in the background by IBM, you don’t need to do anything. Upgrades to Controller, and to TM1 – the database, ETL and calculation engine at the heart of Planning Analytics – are planned with the customer. IBM will contact you to arrange the timing of the upgrade.

Can we have our own authentication?

Yes, you have a choice of using the standard IBM ID, or this can be integrated with your own authentication for single sign-on.

How often are upgrades?

Updates to the Planning Analytics web interface are as frequent as every 6-8 weeks, TM1 about every six months, and Controller every 12 month. Full details of the upgrade available on line.

What happens with security patches and bugs?

These are applied automatically as soon as the vulnerability/bug is discovered.

How many environments are included in the subscription?

Planning Analytics has two permanent full, identical environments as standard for Prod and Non-Prod. Controller has one Prod environment with the ability to have up to four databases. A temporary Non-Prod Controller environment is deployed for upgrades.

Where is the solution hosted?

For UK customers, there is a choice of either Amsterdam or Frankfurt, the majority of our customers are hosted in Amsterdam. Backups are made to the alternate data centre (i.e. Amsterdam is backed-up to Frankfurt).

How is the data protected?

Encrypted at rest and in transit etc.

Does the solution comply and align with industry standards?

ISO 27001 certified.

How is the product supported?

24/7 support is available from IBM, specialist teams are assigned to each software with a response time of 2 hours, 1 hour for a P1 incident.

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