IBM Cognos reporting against Controller

  • Course Overview

    This course teaches delegates how to use IBM Cognos reporting capabilities focusing on dimensional reporting styles using Controller's TM1 cube known as Financial Analytics Publisher (FAP).

  • Course Duration

    2 days

  • Type of Course


  • Level


  • Who is this suitable for?

    Suitable for report authors who want to start using Cognos BI reporting to author reports over a FAP TM1 cube and gain a greater understanding of FAP.

  • Course Content

    Discuss and provide an overview of Business Analytics

    Ability to discuss the tools and data flow from Controller to TM1 using the FAP tool

    Overview of Cognos, covering Cognos Connection and common studios

    Introduction to the Analysis Studio interface and overview of workshops

    Introduction to the Query Studio interface and authoring reports

    Introduction to the Report Studio interface and authoring reports

    Set up and development of analysis scenarios against controller data

    Creation of basic reports, introduction to lists, crosstabs and charts within query studio and Report Studio

    Using insertable objects in your report and usage of various tools from within the toolbox. Creation of calculations and review of aggregation methods such as total, average, max, min...etc

    Utilising dimensional functions to assist with report development against an OLAP data source

    Creating hard coded and parameterised filters

    Setting up variables, general formatting and conditional formatting

    Utilising and discussing various methods that can be used whilst building your reports

    Creation of queries, sql/mdx overview and understanding queries

    Creation of profit & loss/balance sheet/cash flow report in Report Studio