IBM Cognos Report Studio Bootcamp (Dimensional)

  • Course Overview

    This bootcamp is a complete and intensive course for those who want to learn the full breadth of IBM Cognos Report Studio capabilities focusing on dimensional reporting styles. This course comprises essential and advanced report building techniques and includes a brief introduction to relational reporting.  We recommend the IBM Cognos BI Mentoring Pack with this course.

  • Course Duration

    3 days

  • Type of Course


  • Level


  • Who is this suitable for?

    Suitable for report authors who want to start using Report Studio to author reports over dimensional data.   It assumes that you have had no prior knowledge of dimensional concepts or IBM Cognos Report Studio.

  • Course Content

    IBM Cognos Architecture

    • IBM Cognos in an Integrated Financial Performance Management Solution
    • IBM Cognos BI Architecture

    Multi-dimensional structures

    • Dimensional vs relational structures and terminology
    • Using different multidimensional components in a report
    • Member Sets
    • Tuples
    • Slicers


    • Create a simple list
    • Format, sort and group lists
    • Aggregate data
    • List headers and footers


    • Create a simple crosstab
    • Different crosstab layouts (nesting and stacking)


    • Different ways to filter reports
    • Filtering on detailed or summary values
    • Static filters (hard-coded) vs variable filters (based on prompts)
    • Dimensional vs relational filtering styles
    • Suppressing null cells

    Prompt Selections

    • Different prompt types
    • How to create a prompt
    • Defining default prompt selections
    • Sourcing prompt values from a data source
    • Showing prompt selections on the report
    • Varying prompt expressions using macro prompts


    • Naming queries
    • Pointing new report objects to existing queries


    • Create a simple chart
    • Different chart types
    • Converting a crosstab to a chart
    • Baselines and markings

    Conditional Formatting

    • Highlight exceptional data
    • Using prompt selections in conditional formatting definition

    Drill-Through from One Report to Another

    • Setting up drill through from source to target report
    • Specifying parameters to be passed through


    • Create derived calculations
    • Member calculations
    • Measure calculations

    Drill Up / Drill Down

    • Enabling drill up / down in a report
    • How to use drill up / down
    • Selectively disabling drill down


    • Family functions
    • Set expression functions
    • Relative time functions with a prompt for current month

    Advanced Report Building Techniques

    • Designing templates
    • Re-use objects within separate reports