IBM Cognos Analytics Taster

  • Course Overview

    This taster course introduces the next generation of IBM Cognos BI known as Cognos Analytics. Find out what's new, understand the architecture and get some hands on practice.

  • Course Duration

    1 day

  • Type of Course


  • Level


  • Who is this suitable for?

    Suitable for anyone who wants to get an overview of Cognos Analytics. It assumes you have no prior knowledge of Cognos BI.

  • Course Content

    IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics and its components
    • IBM Cognos architecture
    • IBM Cognos security

    Consume content in IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Where do consumers access BI content?
    • Use published reports
    • Drill through to related data
    • Specify run report options
    • Specify properties of an entry
    • Alerts and Watch Items

    Create reports in IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Overview of reporting and report authoring
    • Identify package types, uploaded files, and data modules available for reporting
    • Examine IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting
    • Examine the interface
    • Explore different report types
    • Create a simple, sorted, and formatted report
    • Create a report view
    • Create a subscription
    • Create an Active Report
    • Import and report on personal data

    Create dashboards in IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Describe IBM Cognos Dashboarding
    • Identify the IBM Cognos Dashboarding user interface
    • Add report content and tools to create dashboards
    • Widget-to-widget communication
    • Filter data in the dashboard
    • Sort, group and ungroup, and calculate data

    Create metadata models in IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Define IBM Cognos Framework Manager and its purpose
    • Describe the IBM Cognos Framework Manager environment
    • Describe IBM Cognos Cube Designer
    • Get high-level content from Dynamic Cubes course and/or FM course
    • Web-based Modeling
    • Create Data Modules

    Extend IBM Cognos Analytics

    • Introduction to IBM Cognos Mobile
    • Key features
    • Examine Cognos Mobile architecture
    • Identify supported products
    • Introduction to IBM Cognos BI for Microsoft Office
    • Describe Cognos Analysis for Excel (CAFÉ)

    Compare IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Cognos BI (Optional)

    • New features in IBM Cognos Analytics
    • Changes from IBM Cognos BI to IBM Cognos Analytics
    • Legacy option
    • Examine Event Studio
    • Examine the role of Event Studio in Performance Management
    • List the benefits of Event Studio
    • Examine Metric Studio
    • Identify scorecards, metrics, and metric types
    • Organize metrics with strategies
    • Track initiatives with projects