IBM Cognos Planning Analytics Developer

  • Course Overview

    This course provides an understanding of how to build new reporting and planning models in TM1 with confidence.  This is an in-depth course covering all aspects of the software to enable developers to build new cubes, create applications, manage security, use Architect and Performance Modeller, administration and much more.  We recommend the IBM Cognos TM1 Mentoring Pack with this course.

  • Course Duration

    3 days

  • Type of Course


  • Level


  • Who is this suitable for?

    Suitable for anyone who wants to start using TM1 for building models. It is assumed that you have basic knowledge of TM1 covered in the ‘Introduction to IBM Cognos TM1’ course.

  • Course Content

    Demonstration of TM1’s Capabilities (Optional)

    TM1 Development Lifecycle

    • Discuss a typical lifecycle for developing planning or reporting models in TM1
    • Set out requirements for the planning and reporting project

    Create Dimensions

    • Best practice design principles
    • Build dimensions manually
    • Import dimensions using Turbo Integrator (TI) processes
    • Build dimensions from a parent-child relationship  
    • De-bug TI process dimension building errors

    Create Attributes

    • What are attributes & how are attributes used?
    • Create attributes manually
    • Import attributes using a TI process
    • Create attributes using advanced string calculations within a TI process

    Create Subsets

    • Subset Editor
    • Using different Subset Editor functions
    • Static vs Dynamic Subsets

    Create Cubes

    • Best practice cube design principles
    • Discuss different types of cubes
    • How to Construct cubes
    • Improving cube performance

    Import Data into Cubes

    • Accumulate vs stored data
    • Deleting data within a cube
    • Advanced tab
    • Write advanced TI scripting
    • Using parameters within a TI process
    • De-bug TI process data import errors

    Cube Rules (Calculations)

    • Currency conversion rules
    • Relative time rules (e.g. calculating ‘Last Year’)
    • Build ‘current month’ into the model
    • Basic and Advanced Feeders
    • Using the dimension calculations
    • Rules precedence
    • Architect vs Performance Modeller rules file

    Sharing Data Across and Within Cubes

    • Process links vs rule links comparison
    • Building a process link
    • Building a rule link
    • Moving data from one element to another within the same cube

    Advanced modelling techniques

    • Add a new dimension to an existing cube
    • Pick Lists
    • Parameters Cube
    • Lookup Cubes
    • String Cubes

    Create TM1 Perspectives Reports

    • Slice / Snapshot / Active Form
    • Formatting Active Forms
    • Create reports with dynamic top/bottom (e.g. top 10 countries)
    • Action Buttons


    • Uses for security
    • Create security groups & users
    • Integration with Cognos BI security
    • Admin roles
    • Access privileges
    • Securing TM1 objects

    Creating applications in TM1 Web

    • Discuss the different uses for TM1 Web
    • Create & update applications in TM1 Web

    Creating applications in TM1 Application Web

    • Different application types
    • Building applications
    • Apply security to applications
    • Deploy and activate/de-activate applications
    • Control dimension
    • Workflow
    • Explore TM1 Applications Web user functionality

    Other areas of IBM Cognos TM1

    • Self-documenting parts of TM1
    • TM1 Scorecards
    • TM1 Mobile app

    IBM Cognos BI (Optional)

    • Discuss Cognos TM1 and BI integration
    • How to publish TM1 cubes into Cognos BI
    • TM1 model design considerations when using with Cognos BI tools
    • Demo of Cognos BI

    Further Resources / Additional Reading