IBM Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel (PAx)

  • Course Overview

    CAFÉ (also known as IBM Cognos Analysis For Microsoft Excel and Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx)) is an Excel based interface for accessing data which is held within centrally controlled IBM Cognos TM1 cubes as well as IBM Cognos BI packages.  This is an in-depth course covering all aspects of CAFÉ focussing on TM1 cubes.  This course will teach delegates how to use CAFÉ to design reports on TM1 data in multi-tabbed worksheets and overlay with standard Excel functionality.  Delegates will also learn how to create planning forms and use them to write back data into TM1 cubes. From there the data collates within TM1 automatically with the help of multi-dimensional hierarchies.  This course also compares CAFÉ to TM1 Perspectives which will appeal to those who are looking to migrate to this tool.

  • Course Duration

    1 day

  • Type of Course


  • Level


  • Course Content

    Overview and Getting Started

    • CAFÉ overview
    • CAFÉ vs Perspectives
    • Accessing CAFÉ and setup
    • Different report types

    Creating Explorations – Crosstabs

    • Methods of building an exploration crosstab
    • Applying subsets to the layout
    • Applying members to the layout
    • Adding a measure
    • Filtering
    • Default members
    • Undo changes
    • Insert member behaviour
    • Replacing content
    • Nesting content
    • Stacking content
    • Asymmetric layouts
    • Drill down / drill up
    • Editing subsets / sets
    • Filtering by level, attribute or search terms
    • Freezing panes
    • Renaming members
    • Inserting simple and advanced calculations
    • Custom formatting
    • Deleting calculations
    • Inserting blank rows
    • Swap rows / columns
    • Sorting by value or name
    • Filtering by top / bottom
    • Moving the crosstab
    • Charting crosstab data

    Creating Explorations – Lists

    • List vs crosstab functionality
    • Inserting columns
    • Inserting measures
    • Grouping / ungrouping
    • Re-ordering columns

    Creating Flex Views

    • Benefits and differences to Explorations
    • Different ways to create a Flex View
    • Refreshing data
    • Changing title dimensions
    • Changing rows and columns
    • Formatting
    • Syncing title dimensions from different flex views

    Entering Data (Write-Back)

    • Editing individual leaf cells
    • Committing or discarding data changes
    • Break-back at parent level
    • Data spreading techniques
    • What-if analysis (sandboxes)

    Writing Comments

    Sharing CAFÉ Content

    Further Resources

    • Additional reading
    • Related courses