IBM Cognos Planning Analytics Analyst

  • Course Overview

    This course teaches how to use TM1 to analyse data, create reports and contribute to plans. The interfaces are a mixture of Microsoft Excel (which communicates directly with TM1) and web-based.

  • Course Duration

    1 day

  • Type of Course


  • Level


  • Who is this suitable for?

    Suitable for anyone who wants to contribute to plans, analyse data and create reports using TM1 software.

  • Course Content

    Demonstration of TM1’s Capabilities (Optional)

    IBM Cognos Architecture

    • IBM Cognos in an Integrated Financial Performance Management Solution
    • IBM Cognos TM1 Architecture

    Relational and Dimensional Concepts

    TM1 Development Lifecycle

    • Discuss a typical lifecycle for developing planning or reporting models in TM1

    Accessing Architect / Perspectives

    Create Cube Views

    • What is a cube view?
    • Changing rows and columns
    • Filters
    • Subsets overview
    • Subset editor
    • Using different Subset Editor functions
    • Static vs dynamic subsets
    • Subsets and expand above

    Create TM1 Perspectives Reports

    • Slice / Snapshot / Active Form
    • Formatting Active Forms
    • Create reports with dynamic top/bottom (e.g. top 10 countries)
    • Active Form Formulae
    • Active Form Rows based on Named Subsets
    • Active Form Rows based on MDX Statement
    • Print Report function (used for bursting reports)
    • Action Buttons

    Submit plans using TM1 Application Web

    • Different application types
    • Workflow
    • Data entry methods
    • Change and undo a figure
    • Data spreading techniques
    • Break-back
    • Hold cells
    • Quick data entry commands
    • Adding comments
    • Sandboxes
    • Suppressing zeros
    • Changing the layout
    • Charts
    • Committing and submitting plans

    Submit plans using TM1 Web

    • Discuss the different uses for TM1 Web
    • TM1 web functionality
    • Comparison to TM1 Application Web
    • Enter data
    • Create a subset

    Planning applications that work offline (IBM Cognos Insight)

    Other areas of IBM Cognos TM1

    • TM1 Scorecards
    • TM1 Mobile app

    IBM Cognos BI (Optional)

    • Discuss Cognos TM1 and BI integration
    • Demo of Cognos BI

    Further Resources / Additional Reading